New Practitioner Product Terms

Important Announcement for Practitioner customers

We wish to inform you of some important changes to our MediHerb® and Eagle® product terms. To show our support and continuing commitment to our Healthcare Practitioner customers, we will be implementing a few key changes. With the increasing complexity of ailments presenting in clinic and the higher doses and complex formulas of our products we recognise the need for proper consultation with a qualified healthcare practitioner to ensure our products are safely and appropriately prescribed and dispensed to patients. As a result, we are introducing some changes to our product terms which will ensure the integrity of the use of our products within the profession.
The below new Product Terms for Mediherb and Eagle will come into effect on 28 January 2020.
To qualify for an account to purchase MediHerb and/or Eagle Products, account holders must agree to the MediHerb® and/or Eagle® product terms below, together with the MediHerb and/or Eagle Online Policy. We request that you read the documents below and then agree to the terms to ensure that you can continue to order these brands.

Please Note: We have made some amendments to our Eagle Product Policy as of the 12th February. Under these new terms if you have a Practitioner account with us then you will be able to access the Eagle brand of products.  

Please download and read the following documents for MediHerb and then agree to the terms below:

MediHerb Product Terms
MediHerb Online Policy

Please download and read the following documents for Eagle and then agree to the terms below:

Eagle Product Terms
Eagle Online Policy

Please Note: Please allow 24 hours for your supply of MediHerb to be re-established. If the matter is urgent feel free to contact our Customer Care team on 1300 654 336. 

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