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  • Treating Adrenal Exhaustion

    Treating Adrenal Exhaustion

    How many of your patients come to you saying that they have great energy? For me, these patients are few and far between. Most patients come with a myriad of health issues, and low energy is almost always one of those issues. For most of these patients, their adrenal function is at least part of the problem. Stress intolerance, anxiety, afternoon fatigue, poor sleep and low libido are all strong indicators that the adrenals are involved in the issue of low energy.

  • Ubiquinol the activated CoQ10

    Ubiquinol the activated CoQ10

    CoQ10 deficiency has been found to be one of the leading causes of mitochondrial dysfunction, with a variety of clinical presentations including depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, congestive heart failure and poor mental health.

  • Keeping Patients Engaged

    Keeping Patients Engaged

    Poor patient compliance unfortunately affects treatment success. Although person-centred care is a distinguishing feature of natural therapies and the preferred approach of patients to treatment, compliance still remains a vexed issue for many practitioners.  

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