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  • Integria keeps cool with Woolcool

    Integria keeps cool with Woolcool

    In 2012, Integria Healthcare joined the Australian Packaging Covenant and has since been working actively towards finding new sustainable ways to package our products. In light of this, you may have noticed in recent orders for cold goods (goods requiring refrigeration), that we have introduced a new way to keep your products chilled on their journey to your clinics. We have replaced our old polystyrene eskies with a new biodegradable, sustainable, recyclable, compostable and eco-friendly replacement known as “Woolcool”.

  • The Fatigue of Women

    The Fatigue of Women

    Fatigue is a common phenomenon brought about by many different factors, including mitochondrial dysfunction. We know that an improvement in mitochondrial function is needed in clients reporting high levels of fatigue, but it is also extremely important to look at other driving factors. In women, for example, it always important to consider how the menstrual cycle can be impacting mineral levels, and to look at the effects of cortisol on both thyroid function and nutrient repletion.

  • Making the Most of Mentorship

    Making the Most of Mentorship

    In Australia, the naturopathic profession has a history of learning skills by what would be considered an apprenticeship style trade, which has now been formalized with a degree qualification. A great way to keep the benefits of what was once an apprenticeship style trade while also ensuring adequate education with formalised training is through mentoring.

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